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Fall Tapestry
Fall is a festive celebration of life and change that consumes the senses with rich textures and vibrant colours. From this chaotic energy, serendipitous patterns emerge; there one moment, then swept away in the next.
Images of North Simcoe and Muskoka wetlands and waterways tell stories of a future far beyond our own immediate and uncertain future. The solid forms of the plants merge with the reflections on the water creating dreamlike images that evoke ideas of space travel and distant worlds. But how do we find a balance between these dreams of a better future and our role in the present?
Patterns of light and dark dance lazily across water on a calm summer day, lulling the world into a dreamy trance.
Waking Forests
A sleepy forest tentatively pokes its head out into the warming light of the spring.
Soft and cold. Quiet and violent. Winter is both a season of serenity and of harsh apathy. There is a complex beauty in these juxtaposed ideas that plays itself out in winter. Crystallized needles after a violent ice storm, bright morning sun after a night of bitter cold.
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