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“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

- William Shakespeare -

My name is Nicole Rulff

I have been practicing and studying photography for most of my life.  I began when I was just an adolescent, inspired by my father and artists like Freeman Patterson, and armed with an old film camera passed down through the family.  Over time, I came to value photography as a way to slow down and connect with the world around me, to find meaning and value in places and subjects that are often overlooked, and to remind myself of my own place in this world.

My photography strives to convey the feelings evoked from immersing ourselves in the natural world.  Whether these be feelings of deep belonging and serenity, or feelings of vulnerability and urgency; my goal through my art is to connect us all more deeply to our local environments by looking beyond the obvious and spectacular to the beauty and complexity in the unassuming,


I often spend hours in a single location listening and photographing as the world unfolds around me, revealing new layers of life, wonder, and beauty.  It is only through patience, solitude, and an observant and curious eye that these hidden wonders emerge.  These are the images I want to share with the world. Images that we are often too busy to discover ourselves, but that themselves can bring deep sense of belonging and peace to all of our lives.

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Current and Upcoming Exhibits

August 2023

Hibernation Arts

17 Peter St., Orillia, ON, Canada

A selection of work from fall forest studies, as well as a selection of small prints and cards.

Recent Past Exhibits

July 2023

Muskoka Arts & Crafts Summer Show

Bracebridge, ON

A selection of work from fall forest studies, as well as a selection of small prints and cards.

2019 - present

South Simcoe Arts Council Store and Community Exhibits

41 Victoria Street, Alliston, ON

A variety of work, both paintings and photography

before 2019

a few locations in Kingston, ON

A variety of photography

Awards and Honours

October to December 2023

House & Gardens Art Edit

(print - magazine)

Honourable Mention 

Monochrome Awards 2020

Winner: Less is More 2019

Arts on Main - SSAC

Interview - Metro Morning


Three pieces showcased in the art edit section of the magazine, one for each month, along with a short bio.

For "A Quiet Winter"

Awarded the prize "Less is More" for my photograph "A Quiet Winter" at the Arts on Main juried show with the South Simcoe Arts Council.

Interview with Matt Galloway on Metro morning about photographing Cherry Blossoms in High Park.

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