Raptors in Hamilton!

Between March 5 and March 9 I saw 3 Red Tailed Hawks and 1 Bald Eagle in Downtown Hamilton!   Not only that, but I was lucky enough to have my camera (and my new lens!) with me to capture photographs.  

This new lens is definitely living up to its potential (although I have had a few snags with using a polarizing filter - the lens rotates with focus which means I have to adjust the filter everytime I refocus.)!  The first sighting was of 2 Red Tailed Hawks perched in a tree just outside the apartment!  My heart always races when I see unexpected wildlife, and this was no different.  Although one of the hawks flew away, I caught some photographs of the other enjoying a meal of something small and feathered.

It was on the 9th of March that I caught sight of the Bald Eagle.  It was so far away I could not tell what it was until I looked at the pictures I had taken.  Knowing how big these birds are, I realized that it was much further than I had first thought.

I was very excited by these sightings, and I assume these birds were part of the Northerward Spring Raptor Migration.  I am excited to see more raptors this spring and am keeping my eyes open!  

To learn more about the Spring raptor migration, check out this "Return of the Raptors" article from Ontario Nature.  And this website from the Hawk Migration Association of North America.

These observations can also be found on my iNaturalist account.