Photoshop Experiment 1 - Composite Montages

I do not use very much post-processing in my photography for a number of reasons.  Mostly, it is because it is in the seeing and capturing that I find the most pleasure and interest (also why I enjoy plein-air sketching and painting).  

Admittedly, manipulating photographs post-process does appeal to me.  It adds a whole new world of potential for creativity and expression beyond the capturing, but in this it is also incredibly daunting.  I feel uncertain about whether I am ready to explore a new skill when I have yet to master the underlying skills of seeing and capturing.  

Despite these reservations, I have been playing around a little bit with some techniques that I learned during a Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant workshop in October 2014.  The first technique is creating Composite Montages.  This involves the layering of two (or more) images to create a final combined image.

I am posting my experiments to my flickr page , and have included examples below.

I was experimenting with groups of similar photographs from earlier this year. From Left to Right, the layering techniques used are:  Hard Light, Overlay, Hard Light, Lighten, Multiply, Screen.